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Calvert Research and CureDM Sign Collaborative Agreement

by Jeff Tippett on February 19, 2009

Calvert Research announced today the signing of a collaborative agreement with CureDM to continue the preclinical development of CureDM’s HIP2B peptide.  Calvert and CureDM have been working together for the past two years to identify a lead candidate in the CureDM portfolio. Calvert and CureDM will now work toward preparing an IND submission by the end of 2009.

Located on the Lankenau Institute Medical Research campus in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania, CureDM is developing a humanized peptide, HIP2B, which has promise to regenerate insulin-producing islet cells and stimulate differentiation of adult pancreatic progenitor cells, a potential benefit to type 1 and 2 patients with diabetes. “This could be a true breakthrough for diabetes because it addresses the underlying deficiency of pancreatic islets,” according to CureDM’s Chief Medical Officer, Claresa Levetan, MD.  Calvert has invested in CureDM on a number of fronts including preclinical studies at Calvert Laboratories (a Calvert Holdings unit), project management services, and corporate identity development.

Dr. Dana Minnick, Director of Project Management, will oversee Calvert activities supporting the preclinical development of HIP2B. According to Dr. Minnick: “HIP2B is a novel technology with the potential to treat all forms of diabetes.  Early preclinical studies support the proposed mechanism of action and suggest an exciting new target for diabetes treatment complementary to current therapies.”