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curedmCureDM, Inc. (a technology originating from the University of Pennsylvania) developed Pancreate™, a patented drug candidate for the potential treatment of Type I and 2 diabetic patients.  In preclinical studies, Pancreate™ has been shown to stimulate the growth of new insulin producing islets in the pancreas, resulting in restoration of normal metabolic function and glucose control.  Calvert Research is a significant investor in CureDM and has provided valuable expertise to the company in a number of areas including the design and execution of IND-enabling animal studies that were conducted at Calvert Laboratories, project management services and corporate identity development.

In April, 2010 CureDM signed an exclusive worldwide license agreement with Sanofi-Aventis for further development and commercialization of PancreateTM. Under the terms of the license agreement, CureDM received an upfront cash payment and is eligible to receive success based development, regulatory and sales performance milestone payments totaling $335 million, in addition to royalties on worldwide product sales.  As a significant shareholder in CureDM, Calvert Research is entitled to receive significant cash payments from this license agreement as Pancreate™ advances through further clinical development and into commercialization.


acsientAcSentient, Inc. is a company focused on ophthalmic and dermatology products. Calvert provided seed capital to establish the company and rights to compounds owned by AcSentient were subsequently transferred to Ista Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (ISTA – Nasdaq).  Calvert receives royalty payments based on products sold by ISTA as a result of this transaction.


pinnaclePinnacle Pharmaceuticals (a University of Virginia technology) developed a novel compound effective against multi-drug-resistant bacterial strains. Proof-of-efficacy studies were conducted at Calvert Labs in exchange for an equity position in the company. Calvert achieved a successful exit when the company was acquired by New River Pharmaceuticals.



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